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Booking Management, although on the surface appearing to be a simple task is in fact extremely complex especially if you want the flexibility and capability to offer the range of booking types, services and classes you need to compete in today's fitness industry. ClientConnect has been designed in such a way that you can configure the system to reflect your business model and ideas. Be creative and gain a competitive advantage without creating an administrative burden for yourself.

Want to offer single sessions, group sessions, one off sessions, recurring sessions, classes, term based sessions then this is all possible and easy to do with ClientConnect.  The list of features and functionality delivered by ClientConnect's Booking Explorer is extensive.

  • Create new bookings: single, group, one-off, recurring.
  • Link multiple resources for a booking.
  • Block out trainer and room time and availability.
  • Display bookings for a single day, week, etc.
  • Navigate easily using the Date Navigator.
  • Copy and paste bookings.
  • Drag and drop (move) bookings.
  • Display full booking details with the ability to view a client's full history with a single click.
  • Send automated SMS booking reminders to your clients.
  • Send your trainers an SMS listing all their bookings for a selected period.
  • Group resources by business area.
  • Record attendances, no-shows and cancellations.
  • Automatically track and count down sessions.
  • Establish term based classes.
  • Speed checking clients and members to classes.
  • Print off booking lists.

The Booking Explorer eliminates the need for diaries, spreadsheets, booking sheets and bits of paper while at the same time eliminating double entry, mistakes and reduced service to your clients.


View all booking details at a glance:

  • Date and time
  • Participants with direct link to their full details
  • What packages & services are being used to pay for the booking
  • Other related bookings with links to easily change any or all other bookings in the series.


More leads, more clients and members!

Here's What Our Customers Say!

ClientConnect is right for us! 

"The ability to tailor many of the features of ClientConnect to suit our business operations ensured it was the right software for Maisha Fitness. We have been using Client Connect for almost 9 months and find the system to be extremely comprehensive for all client management requirements.” 

Maisha Fitness 

Carl Loves Our Marketing Features 

"I just created a view of approximately 400 people for a targeted marketing campaign. Using mail merge I was able to send out tailored emails and letters to individuals. This was fantastic.  Loving the software.” 

Fitness Club Manager 

Bruce Likes How Simple & Fast It Is

“It works brilliantly, it's fast and the trainers love it, my day to day work is now simple and fast.”

Personal Training Studio Owner

Penni Loves The Time Savings

"The business is going really well. Very busy at the moment and the software is a real help.  Very easy to track payments with memberships and other packages we have.  Very nifty software!" 
Fitness Club Manager

Jemma's Job Is Getting Easier

"ClientConnect is going great! The set up has been easy and the system is starting to already make my job a lot easier." 

Fitness Club Manager

 Grow your business/Increase profits

 Take the stress out of managing your studio or club